You may be wondering if the Google Pixel device you own can be de-googled. It depends. Not all Pixel phones can be de-Googled.

For your Google Pixel to be de-Googled, first it needs to be a Pixel model 3 or newer and it must be a specific model of device with OEM unlocking capability. Carrier locked phones on a payment plan, like those issued by AT&T, Verizon, etc will not usually work however there are some exceptions and you won't know until you actually check to see if it is OEM Unlockable.

There is a fail safe and simple way of verifying if your device is capable of being de-Googled. That is to check if the OEM unlocking feature on your device is functional. To do this you need to enable "developer settings" on your device, then navigate to the correct location to verify if indeed the OEM unlocking fuction can be toggled on and off.

An important step in this process is to make sure you have internet access, by preferably being connected to a WiFi network, but carrier's data network will also work. If your phone does not have internet access during this check, your phone will appear incapable of being de-Google when in fact it may very well be.

To do this check, go to the Settings menu scroll to the very bottom and enter the About Phone section. Now scroll to the very bottom of this section and repeatedly tap Build number until you receive the message “You are now a developer”. You may be asked to enter your pin number during this process.

Now that you are in developer mode go back to the Settings menu and enter System. Select Developer Options and here you will see a feature called OEM unlocking. If this is not grayed out and can be toggled on, your phone can be de-Googled.

Note: On some versions of Googled Android, Developer Options is found under Settings => System => Advanced.

If you need help during this process, we have a video tutorial you can watch at the 1:00:05 mark here